News updated:

 17th December 2020


 I just wanted to pass on the news that from December 2020 Chris Dade has decided to retire from the administration and running of this website. Chris can still be contacted on his "ballybingo" email as usual.

Chris has passed the website on to Dave Cutchey from Nottingham who will carry on with the ballybingo website, its administration and content.

The website will be under new construction but shall remain as it is for now while works are being carried out to update the site in the background.

So a huge thank you to Chris Dade for all his years of dedication in bringing bally bingo help, meetings and news to the public. Administration of websites are hard work, especially when you have to make a living at the same time and for over 16 years Chris has fondly carried this out.. Good luck Chris and catch up soon!!

Well I hope you all have a great Christmas and best wishes to you all and see you in 2021.  STAY SAFE, TAKE CARE. 

If you are new to the website and want to buy a bingo then click here for some advice.