Chris Dade. Now a bingo owner and 1960's player.

I used to play bingo's in my home town of Stowmarket in Suffolk. The cafe was called the "Dimpy Bar" and was a haunt for all the local lads that were a little bit on the rebellious side. I remember playing various machines such as "Variety" and "Gaytime" as well as many others. They were being changed all the time so that people would keep playing and trying out the "new" machines although they were in fact quite a few years old. It was a wonderful feeling standing there after getting a five in a line and listening to the replays clocking up then working out a number that you could cash in. With the threepenny bit machines you had to have 80 replays to get a pound which was quite a lot of money in those days. I stopped playing the machines in the early seventies and hadn't seen any around until I found one in Folkestone during 2002