Freddy Bailey. A former operator now living in the USA

In 1962-66 I owned a company in Norfolk called Automatic Games and Music Ltd. I operated a full line of Coin Operated Games, Including "Treble Chance", "Super Treble Chance", "Rainbow Belle", "Lolly Dolly", "Gold Cup", "De-Luxe Goldcup" and "Musuma Belle all these machines were by Bally, I also operated many "Bingo's" from "Dude Ranch" to "Bikini", in Norfolk the most popular "Bingo's" was "Show Time" and "Beach Time" also "Broadway" and "Key West" were very popular, I had these games in most of the Steward & Patterson and Bullards Pubs in the area, Lowestoft was a great town to operate "Bingo's" because the fishing industry was booming and the Scotch visitors had plenty of Sixpences to put in our games. I purchased my first Bingo in 1959 from Kraft Automatics in London, This machine was on Threepenny Pieces and I installed it in a all-night cafe in Loughborough in Leicestershire, it took 11 pounds the first day and then burnt out a motor, I found a guy to fix it that was working part time for Jimmy Fletcher a arcade owner in Birmingham, this guy was still in the Army and helped Jimmy to repair games in his arcade, The guy's name was Dave Wilcox he later became Managing Director of Associated Leisure Ltd the largest Distributors of Games in the U.K.      

As you know I was a Bally Bingo operator in East Anglia in the early 60's. I had a location in The Riverside Cafe in Riverside Rd, Norwich. this location had 3 bingo's, Broadway, Showtime and Bikini, Across the road was a Petrol Station owned by a man named Mr. Story, every time I went to this location this guy would be in there playing the Bingo's, I used to have to go to this location every night to give the location sixpences to pay out his customers, (this was the best location in Norwich 1,000 pounds a week) I told this guy to not play the machines so much AS HE WOULD GO BROKE, He wanted to fight me and told me to mind my own business, he went broke within a year.