If you need help or advice with your ballybingo then please feel free to send us a message today.

Recent Ballybingo contacts:

Dave – Wakefield

Tom – Nuneaton

Rod – Birmingham

If you are looking at servicing your Ballybingo or are having technical problems then please get in touch.

Best wishes


4 thoughts on “MAKING CONTACT”

  1. Hi dave need help with my ballybingo when putting coin in nothing appens balls don’t drop money just drops in the box

    1. Hi John, so, firstly is the coin hitting against the wire connected to the contactor? Does the game start if you flick the wire downwards in simulation of a coin? I’ve sent you my contact details and will be happy to use messenger facetime or whatsaap video call to guide you.

  2. Hi Dave, I am new to Bally Bingo having purchased a Miss America Deluxe that was working fine until the game Tilted and since then I cannot start a new game. I have switched it off many times but when I switch on the lights come on including the tilt light and nothing more happens. So the machine doesnt reset. During the last game it did continue to take credits as if I was pressing the button even whilst the game was in play, other than that all else was fine. Any help would be greatfully appreciated or indeed if you know anyone who can come to Bristol and repair it for me that would be great.

    This link will take you to a video showing what happens:

    Thanks Rob

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