Replay Counter Help & Advice:

A recent problem I’ve been asked about was regarding the Replay Counter not working. Having looked at the Replay Counter step unit I showed the owner where it had seized up so much that there was no chance of it actually moving. This was probably caused by a build up of moisture that had caused it to rust the unit.

To fix the problem unit I completely stripped the unit down and soaked it in a de-greaser for an hour. After giving all the components a thorough clean and brush up it was all put back together and tested. I alwsys give these units a light oil so avoid using wd40.

Step units can be easily checked if you think there’s a problem or are carrying out maintenance.

With the mains off – Yes unplug it..

Step up the unit all the way and reset it using the coil plungers. The unit should step all the way up without the return spring getting so tight that the unit won’t easily make it the last step. Likewise, the unit should easily whizz back into the reset position. Also, make sure the unit will reset when stepped up only once.

If you need any help with this please feel free to contact me.

Dave –

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